Günther Rabl

Günther Rabl
*1953 in Linz, Austria

self-tought double bass player since the age of 16
1973-75 bass-player in the band around the polnish saxofon-player Leszek Zadlo, concerts in Austria, Germany, Hungaria and Poland
1976-78 working with some ensembles and musicians of the European free-jazz scene
duo with the violin-player Paul Fickl, concerts in Austria and France (Steirischer Herbst, Musee de l'Art Moderne Paris)
solo-performance with double-bass, tapes and slide-projection by Renate Porstendorfer, concerts in Austria and Kroatia

1978-80 improvisation-trio together with Friedrich Gulda (piano, clavichord) und Ursula Anders (drums, voice), concerts in Austria and Germany (Konzerthaus Vienna, Kongresshaus Salzburg, Liederhalle Stuttgart, Palais Erzherzog Karl Vienna)

1974 course for elektroacoustic and experimental music at the University for Music and Dramatic Arts, Vienna
1976 foundation of his private studio for tape music. Since 1980 exclusively concerned with tape-music and computermusic
1975-79 MUGL ENTSTEIGT / MÄRCHEN (slide-projection by Renate Porstendorfer) / TRIO I / ETUDE IN GRAU
1980-81 ATEM / TRIO II
1983-85 STYX (panorama-projection by Renate Porstendorfer)
1986 LANDSCHAFT MIT PIANIST (Friedrich Gulda piano)
1987-90 EVE / KLEINE FUGE / BITTERSWEET / 4 SKIZZEN / VON ANDEREN SONNEN (slide-projection by Renate Porstendorfer)
1998-99 BETIRI (speech-opera with Alexandra Sommerfeld and Thomas Kamper)
2000 BELCANTO (a cycle of songs with Alexandra Sommerfeld)
2002-03 MITE E-LITE

performances (selection):
Theatre Recamier, Paris (1977) / Goetheinstitut, Montevideo (1977) / Szene der Jugend, Salzburg (1978) / Tage Freier Musik, Moosham (1978) / Palais Erzherzog Karl, Vienna (1983,85) / Konzerhaus Vienna (1986,95) / Philharmonie Munic (1987) / Tecnical Museum, Vienna (1989) / EXPO '92, Sevilla (1992) / Offenes Kulturhaus, Linz (1992) / Ars Elektronica, Linz (1994) / IFEM, Bratislava (1993,95) / Absolute Musik, Allentsteig (1988,89,96) / Music and Technic, Taipei (1996) / Alternativa, Moskau (1998) / old townhall, Linz (2000) / Odeon, Vienna (2002) / sports-hall 1030, Vienna (2002,03) / Open Cube, Graz (2002) / Tylos Garage, Backwoods (2003) / dieTheater, Vienna (2004,2005) / Nestroyhof, Vienna (2007)

1982 invitation to EMS, Stockholm for the production of NEBENGERÄUSCHE (etude in grey) - learning programming in FORTRAN
1983 mathematical works on multidimensional space
1984 first own computer (a PC under DOS)
1984-86 conceptual works
ETUDE IN F - a multidimensional musical clock
BRANDUNG - an algorithmical remix of 24 hours of arbitrary outdoor-recordings
THE EYE - a multidimensional facette-eye in space and time (for a number of photographers and 12 projections)

1987-88 developing physical models of strings and membranes
1989 first own computer with audio-output (a PC under DOS)
1989-91 NMS4 - 'numerical music system', a collection of programs for algorithmical composition and sound-processing
1994-95 FFTBOX - a programm for spectral sound-processing around the 'Giant Fourier Transformation'
1998-99 PQ - 'prime quotients', a special number-format for complex harmonical applications
2000-03 VASP - 'vector assembler for sound processing', a generalization of the FFTBOX
since 1989 all musical works and composition exclusively with own software
2000-07 AMP -'asynchronous music processor

writer (all texts in German)
MAIL FÜR HIOB - a collection of notes, aphorisms, essays, satires and parodies on music and culture (1975-1998)
DEMONTAGEN - an analysis of the culture-politics concerning music in Lower Austria (2000-2001)
ELECTRIC ORPHEUS - scripts on the theory of electroacoustic music
ARKADIEN - recipes for wild mushrooms and plants (2006)

1976 foundation of his private experimental-studio
1982-97 periodical recordings with the synthesizer-player Dieter Feichtner (1943-99)
1988 release of a pre-edition on CD 'Euphorismen'.
1999 foundation of his privat lable canto crudo
        Release of his own works and archive (Dieter Feichtner, Friedrich Gulda) on CD

loudspeaker installations (selection)
since 1992 building up his own loudspeaker-orchestra for performance and installation
1988, 89, 96 Festival Absolute Musik, Allentsteig
1989 Technical Museum, Vienna (machine-hall)
1992 Soundscape of Austria, Austrian pavillon at the EXPO '92, Sevilla Soundscape of Austria, Offenes         Kulturhaus, Linz Festival Absolute Musik, Linz
1995 Lange Nacht, Konzerthaus Vienna (big hall)
1999 Brucknerhaus Linz, Kunsthalle Krems (BETIRI)
2002 Odeon, Vienna (KATHARSIS with TANZ*HOTEL)
        sports-hall 1030, Vienna (GROSSE FUGE with TANZ*HOTEL)
2003 sports-hall 1030, Vienna (A tribute to Dieter Feichtner)
2005 dieTheater, Vienna (JOKEBOX)
2007 Nestroyhof, Vienna (MINIFESTIVAL)

since 1990 lectures on theory of electroacustic music on the University for Music and Dramatic Arts, Vienna
since 1993 lectures and seminars on music theory in Austria and Slovakia

1978 with Dieter Feichtner - KRONPRINZ RUDOLFS TRAUM (music to the experimental film 'Einsteins Traum' by Karl Heinz Koller)
1978-86 with Renate Porstendorfer - MUGL ENTSTEIGT, MÄRCHEN, STYX (performances with double bass, tape and slide-projection)
1986 with Friedrich Gulda - LANDSCHAFT MIT PIANIST (for tape and piano-improvisation), Konzerthaus Vienna
1999 with Alexandra Sommerfeld und Thomas Kamper - BETIRI (speech-opera after a novel by Werner Helwig), Brucknerhaus Linz, Kunsthalle Krems
2000 with Alexandra Sommerfeld - BELCANTO (a radically new approach to some old songs), old townhall, Linz
2002 with Bert Gstettner (Tanz*Hotel) - KATHARSIS, Odeon Vienna / GROSSE FUGE, Halle 1030 Vienna
2003 with Gilbert Handler - WIEDERWÄRTIG GUT (a fiktive radioshow), Tylos Garage, Backwoods
2004 with Yosi Wanunu - MEET THE COMPOSER, dieTheater, Vienna
2005 with Thomas Kamper - JOKEBOX, dieTheater, Vienna
2007 with Thomas Kamper - ZUR SCHOENEN AUSSICHT, Tour throu Austria and germany
2007 with Bert Gstettner (Tanz*Hotel) - MINIFESTIVAL, Nestroyhof, Vienna
since 2004 with Gilbert Handler and Alexandra Sommerfeld - THE RELATIVITY THERAPY

awards and grants
1979 federal grant for composers by the ministery of arts
1989 federal grant for composers by the ministery of arts
1995 publicity award of Austro Mechana
2000 cultural award of Lower Austria
2004 cultural award of the town Linz
2007 honorary mention at Ars Electronica Linz

Tales of World Musik (participation) amadeo, universal
Liberation (participation) amadeo (sold out)
Landschaft mit Pianist amadeo (sold out)
Styx amp (remaining stock)
Odyssee amadeo (remaining stock)
Farewell Tempered Piano amadeo (remaining stock)
Werke 1 (Mugl Entsteigt / Märchen) canto crudo
Werke 2 (Flaschenpost) canto crudo
Werke 3 (Atem / Trio I / Etude in Grau) canto crudo
Werke 5 (Landschaft / Eve, Kleine Fuge / Bittersweet) canto crudo
Werke 8 (Katharsis) canto crudo
Werke 9 (4 Skizzen / Steinbutt Variationen / Der Arme Spielmann / Imps / Von anderen Sonnen / Phantasie über den Goldenen Schnitt) canto crudo
Werke 10 (Passanten / Roller / Fourier auf der Reise nach Prag) canto crudo
Werke 11 (Betiri) canto crudo
Werke 14 (Threnody for no particular reason) canto crudo
Nebengeräusche canto crudo
special edition 1 (Landschaft mit Pianist) canto crudo
special edition 2 (Ain't there TV after Death, Mite E-Lite) canto crudo
special edition CAVE (Eines toten Morgens) canto crudo