Gerhard Laber
konzeptionelle Improvisationen, perkussive Instrumente, Rotoren, Elektronik
conceptual improvisations, percussive instruments, rotors, electronics

ccr 307


Variationen über einen Text und ein Gitarrensolo von Werner Schwab
Werner Schwab: Text, Stimme, E-Gitarre (Originalaufnahmen aus dem Nachlass)
Günther Rabl: Computermusik, Komposition

Liebhaberausgabe, limitierte Auflage 100 Stk
180g Vinyl, 33 1/3
in einer Hülle aus Graukarton mit einem Cover von Gernot Sommerfeld
und einer Beilage mit einer Transskription des Originaltextes

ccr 102 V


Film Score to the Experimental Film Einsteins Traum by Karl Heinz Koller (1943-1995)
Synthesizer and Voice: Dieter Feichtner
Günther Rabl: cut, montage, overdub (1978)
25min stereo

Liebhaberausgabe, limitierte Auflage 100 Stk
180g Vinyl, 33 1/3
in einer Hülle aus Graukarton mit einem Cover von Gernot Sommerfeld
und einer Beilage mit liner notes Deutsch/Englisch

ccr 101 V

confined entropy
a study in decay

music & photographs by guy fleming

This music is largely inspired by the strange and mystical atmosphere that surrounded the impressive crumbling ruin of the Pyrmont Incinerator in Sydney in 1990. I took many photographs and recorded a number of sound sources at the ruined incinerator, which formed the basis for many of the Confined Entropy audio compositions.

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Chieko Mori, koto
Oliver Grimm, computer music



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vinzenz schwab mäander 2

based on fieldrecordings from buenos aires & renon
gracias a los trabajadores del impa y al acampe qopiwini

ccr 902
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vinzenz schwab dings #1

dings #1 is the beginning of my edition of works. in addition to improvised live electronics, the composition of computer music is my chief musical activity. starting from mostly self-recorded sound material, the pieces were developed with the vasp and amp programs. the script language of these programs enables a quick and “simple” working with a large number of sounds, routines and parameters.

the pieces “musik ist ein dickes waldtier” (“music is a fat forest animal”), “variations from piano” and “quartett für gruben & sträucher” (“quartet for pits and shrubs”) are originally conceived for 4 to 8 loudspeakers. each loudspeaker is to be understood as an independent instrument in the space, whereby the polyphony and the metamorphoses of the sound characteristics of the individual voices become more comprehensible. the three pieces appear on the album in a specially customized stereo version.

for dings #1 recordings, among others, by gloria damijan (piano), fm einheit (objects), michael moser (cello), field recordings of protests in athens and the recording of an improvisation of the late, great synthesizer virtuoso dieter feichtner were deconstructed, transformed and incorporated into concrete and abstract “thingamajigs” with mundane, extraordinary, personal and fictive traits.

ccr 901
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Günther Rabl  Werke 14

music for multidimensional contemplation 2011/12

The sound of this music has been generated through a matrix which produces multidimensional waves on the surface of a 10-dimensional hypersphere. The matrix itself is derived from the countless variations of a magic square 10x10.
A complete cycle of this music consists of 3.5 million sounds which would last up to 200 days without repetition. It originally was intended to be performed as a permanent installation. This CD contains a couple of minor cycles for use at home.

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for tape and piano solo
Friedrich Gulda: piano
Günther Rabl: tape composition

Everything that is not piano sound (or Friedrich Gulda’s voice), comes from tape;
everything that comes from tape, is made from piano sounds.


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Günther Rabl computermusic

MITE E-LITE homage to a power generator

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Günther Rabl computermusic


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Dieter Feichtner  ANTHOLOGY vol.1
Dieter Feichtner: synthesizer
direct recordings 1982-1993, 3 CDs

FLIEGENPILZ 1 / toadstool 1
FLIEGENPILZ 2 / toadstool 2
DER HEIMKEHRER / the repatriate
6 EPISODEN / 6 episodes
/ ball of the hearts of stone
disc3 :
MÜ DER WANDERER / Moo, the tired wanderer
FRIEDE FREUNDLICHER FREMDER / peace, friendly foreigner

Dieter Feichtner (1943-1999) was definitely one of the most extraordinary musicians on the synthesizer ever since. Improvisation was his natural element. Not only did he deeply understand the nature of electronic sounds, he also was an excellent keyboard player. Many people still remember his concerts with musicians like John Surman, Barre Phillips and many others, or his stylistic parodies, spontanous sketches, unpredictable stories and actions (sometimes a horror for concert organizers and club owners). Beyond that he was engaged with his life's work for more than twenty years: direct solo recordings, in which he brought improvisation to a high architectonical and symphonic level, building the bridge between folkloristic elements and experimental forms with ease.

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Günther Rabl  Werke 1
early tape music (1975-77)
MUGL ENTSTEIGT / Mugl arises
MÄRCHEN / fairytale
MUGL ENTSTEIGT II / Mugl arises 2

"New, talking sounds, that wake up your ears: lines over brilliant patterns, clusters of silvery sounds, sort of an erlastic organ, a colorous ostinato of opulent structures. All that is combined with humour and livelyness in an attempt of a sinfonic developement ... This work shows a temperament, which is quite rare here, like anywhere else."
Jacques Lonchampt, Le Monde, about the first performance of MUGL ENTSTEIGT in the Theatre Recamier, Paris 1977 (sound diffusion by Francois Bayle).

The mastering of this CD carefully preserves the still fascinating sound of old tube-technology, which was used for the production of all pieces.

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Listen to an example!Funny BA.mp3  3,2MB

Günther Rabl Werke 2
FLASCHENPOST / mail in a bottle (1976)
Günther Rabl: double bass, percussion, tape

This recording seems to be an alien element within the collection of my works. It's neither electronic music, nor is it, what one may call 'contemporary' or 'serious' music (whatever this is). Just a simple compilation of tunes and overdubs, sometimes in a folkloristic manner. But in fact, FLASCHENPOST and MUGL ENTSTEIGT (Werke 1) are 'twins'. I produced them at the same time and they share some elements. And they are my roots. All the music I composed up to now, would miss a dimension without them. Günther Rabl
This CD combines some older concert recordings and overdubs in a way, that is already at the boarder to tape-composition. A remaster of the original collection, released on cassette 1977.

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Listen to an example!Etude.mp3  2,1MB

Günther Rabl Werke 3
serial tape compositions (1979-82)
ATEM / breath
TRIO I / trio 1
ETUDE IN GRAU / etude in grey


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Listen to an example!Fuge.mp3  2,1MB
Listen to an example!Bittersweet.mp3  2,4MB

Günther Rabl Werke 5
multichannel tape music (1986-89)
LANDSCHAFT / landscape
EVE / Eve
KLEINE FUGE / little fugue
BITTERSWEET / bittersweet

The four pieces on this CD demonstrate the amazing possibilities of 'sound-alchemy' still with analog means. LANDSCHAFT uses only piano-music by Friedrich Gulda as a basic material, EVE and KLEINE FUGE only double bass sounds, while BITTERSWEET confrontates both sources in a melancholic mood.
Landschaft is the pure tape-part of the last cooperation of Günther Rabl with Friedrich Gulda, Landschaft mit Pianist (landscape with piano player) for tape and piano improvisation 1986.
"Hard to believe, that the whole sound spectrum should be derived from piano sounds. The variform, sometimes even threatening sounds, though invariable coming from tape, seemed to be the anarchic part in this event."
Die Presse about the first performance of "Landschaft mit Pianist" in Vienna 1986

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Listen to an example!Katharsis.mp3  1,8MB
Listen to an example!Fuge.mp3  1,5MB
Günther Rabl Werke 8
computer music (1990-94)
KATHARSIS / katharsis
FUNKENFLUG / flying sparks
WIND-INTERMEZZO / wind-intermezzo
GROSSE FUGE / grand fugue

The recording of a waterfall forms the basis of the full-length composition. However, more important as its function as acoustic material, it serves as an inexhaustible reservoir of forms and processes, which can be derived from it by means of varoious analytical methods. This material is complemented by a number of 'imaginary acoustic objects' - numerical oscillators (so-called physical models) designed especially for this purpose, which are brought to life by the actual sound of the water and its transformation.
"An island of clear, classical avantgarde - a forceful, precise work, of high technical, as well as esthetical competence"
Der Standard about the first performance of KATHARSIS at the Ars Eletronica, Linz 1994
"A little theatre miracle" Progress Reviews about the performance together with Bert Gstettner's dance company Tanz*Hotel, Odeon Vienna 2000

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Listen to an example!Skizzen.mp3  2,6MB
Listen to an example!Imps.mp3  4,2MB

Günther Rabl  Werke 9
miscellanous tape music and computer music (1989-95)
4 SKIZZEN / 4 sketches
STEINBUTT-VARIATIONEN / variations on a poem by Laszlo Steinbutt
IMPS / imps
VON ANDEREN SONNEN / by other suns
DER ARME SPIELMANN / the poor gleeman

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Günther Rabl  Werke 10
computer music (1996)
PASSANTEN / people passing by
ROLLER / roller
FOURIER AUF DER REISE NACH PRAG / Fourier on his way to Prague

A commission by the wood carver Gerhard Maier for his exhibition of 1000 handmade wooden combs plus a heap of resulting shavings, or, as he would see it: a heap of handmade wood shavings plus 1000 combs resulting on this occasion. The primary task was, to refer to Gerhard Maier's living and working situation in his atelier in a formar raylway-station for horse-drawn carriages, which nowadays is a museum near a highly frequented cross-country road connecting Linz with Prague. The composition makes use of the advanced methods around the so-called Fourier Transformation. It begins with a parody on the morning-traffic on a cross-country road and ends up with the screaming of two million frequencies evoked by a few roaring glissandi.

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Listen to an example!Betiri.mp3  2,7MB

Günther Rabl  Werke 11
a speech opera after a novel by Werner Helwig (1998-99)
speaker: Alexandra Sommerfeld, Thomas Kamper
computer music: Günther Rabl

It's the story about the Basque miracle healer Betiri, a young man, who got his extraordinary skills for the simple reason, that nobody was obstructing him. He receives his skills and he looses them again at the end, as part of the same game. The part of Betiri (his story, his monologs, his inner voices) is spoken by the actress Alexandra Sommerfeld, all the other parts (Betiris family, his girlfriend, the king, the queen, the court) by the actor Thomas Kamper. The music symbolizes all the different layers of the story and keeps them permanently present. It is computermusic derived from a few basic materials, originally on 8 tracks. This CD contains a post-synchronization of the recording of a performance at the Kunsthalle Krems 1999.
"An excellent example for a sensitive, technical exact work on a historical text."
Der Standard about the first performance of the opera in Linz 1999

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Günther Rabl  Werke 15


Electroacoustic composition in four parts

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Günther Rabl  Werke 16

DER CORNET Sprecher Peter Cerny
DUINESER ELEGIEN Sprecherin Alexandra Sommerfeld
Text Rainer Maria Rilke
Überarbeitung eines Mitschnittes der Uraufführung, Alte Sägewerkshalle, Heumühle, 29. August 2015

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Listen to an example!Soleil Rouge.mp3  1,0MB

Günther Rabl NEBENGERÄUSCHE / sidenoise
Günther Rabl: double bass

This recording contains three solos, one from the Konzerthaus Vienna, one frome the Kongresshaus Salzburg, and a third one from a session on a housboat in Paris.
In addition there are two overdubs, which demonstrate advanced playing-techniques on the bass, developed with ears trained by electroacoustic music and dedicated to the gesture of unitentionally produced sounds – sidenoise.


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Friedrich Gulda – 3 PIANO PIECES
opus posthum 1986

Friedrich Gulda has played all three improvisations on a Bösendorfer Imperial at the Konzerthaus Vienna in March 1986, without any audience, only for the purpose of recording. They were intended to serve as a basic acoustic material for my work on LANDSCHAFT MIT PIANIST (landscape with piano player) – a piece for tape and piano improvisation. Indeed, all sounds and sonorous processes in my part LANDSCHAFT are derived solely from these recordings.Then, for many years, they were slumbering in my archives.
On this CD they are released for the first time.

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Günther Rabl  STYX
4-channel tape music (1983-85)

Styx introduces a point of view, a limit of thinking and feeling, from which the most iridescent sound patterns can be conceived in their essential features and thus become accessible for a musical composition. Derived from five basic sources, fragments of outdoor recordings, endless metamorphoses of sounds and sonorous processes are produced in rising and falling order by a constant change of electronic transformation and conctruction.
"The mercylessness of the sounds turned some visitors into flight. The remaining audience was maybe helpless, but certainly banished by the power of the performance."
Die Presse about the first performance at the Konzerthaus Vienna 1986
"A bunch of acoustic horror-visions, barbarisms, explosions, short circuits, bombardments..."
Süddeutsche about the performance at the Philharmonie Munic 1987

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Listen to an example!Rondo1.mp3  1,2MB

computer music (1991)
a commission for the sound-installation in the Austrian pavillon at the EXPO 92, Sevilla

"... From rising and falling lines of numerical fractions derive all parameters of musical creation... There are no layers to be heard that are not derived from formal series, no ornaments marr the face of scales, sounds and tempi... Farewell, welltempered tuning - one could say with other words; it will be a farewell without tears : a farewell that leaves the hope for the new as well as the reviving relief of old habits into the space beyond temper and humours." Klaus Hollinetz 1992
"I dedicate this collection of short musical pieces to all real musicians in the world. May it give them the knive to go back to their own inner tuning and rhythms far apart from the rough baroque pitch-roster which dominates todays whole occidental musical world." Günther Rabl 1992

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Günther Rabl ODYSSEE
computer music (1991)
flute motives by Martina Cizek
a commission for the sound-installation in the Austrian pavillon at the EXPO 92, Sevilla

"... A travel developes that leads far beyond all accostumed. The illusion should not have been the wandering of Odysseus, but the fantastic experiences and views of a voyage that from time to time crossed the borders of the known world. The voyage ends in the head or maybe it starts there; confusingly the singing of the sirenes mixes with the rush of distant seas." Klaus Hollinetz 1992

remaining stock, available at canto crudo

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