Friedrich Gulda – 3 PIANO PIECES
opus posthum 1986

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Friedrich Gulda: grand piano

1piano piece A 14:36
2piano piece B 29:35
3piano piece C 12:11
total 56:35

Listen to an example!Piano.mp3  1,8MB

Friedrich Gulda has played all three improvisations on a Bösendorfer Imperial at the Konzerthaus Vienna in March 1986, without any audience, only for the purpose of recording. They were intended to serve as a basic acoustic material for my work on LANDSCHAFT MIT PIANIST (landscape with piano player) – a piece for tape and piano improvisation.
Indeed, all sounds and sonorous processes in my part LANDSCHAFT are derived solely from these recordings.Then, for many years, they were slumbering in my archives.
On this CD they are released for the first time.


Friedrich Gulda, Weissenbach 1997
foto: © Ursula Anders

supported by: Linz-Kultur
special thanks to: Ursula Anders

Friedrich Gulda 3 PIANO PIECES
1 CD in digipak
including a foto by Ursula Anders