Günther Rabl
Werke 2

ccr 402



Günther Rabl: double bass, percussion
Xavier Breton: kalimba [1]
Renate Porstendorfer: breakfast [1]
a raven [1], a preacherman [4]


1eingtlich soitma 5:48
2zum Henker 5:06
3Syntax der Seefahrer 3:51
4Funny B.A. 3:34
5Merry X-ray 0:59
6Polka für Unpaarhufer 5:31
7Sinfonie für zwei Bässe 25:06
total 50:04


early tape compositions 1976
original sources: analog tape 1/4" 15ips mono
basic material: home recordings [1-3,5-7], concert recordings [4]
methods: overdub [1,2,6,7] tape collage, loops [6,7]
produced at the composers studio, Neupölla, Austria
live mixing: Renate Porstendorfer
supported by : SKE-Fond, Land OÖ

Listen to an example!Funny BA.mp3  3,2MB

This CD combines some older concert recordings and overdubs in a way,
that is already at the boarder to tape-composition.
A remaster of the original collection, released on cassette 1977.

Günther Rabl Werke 2
1 CD in digipak
including fotos by Renate Porstendorfer
and Günther Rabl