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1part 1 27:43
2part 2 20:07
total 47:51





Press Coverage Japan

fotos doku

4-channel tape composition (1984-85)
stereo mixdown 1988

original sources : analog tape 1" 4(8)-ch 7.5ips dbx
basic material : in- and outdoor recordings (sirene, car break, harvest machines, cello-chords, street noise)
methods : continuous transformation, tape composition
tools : analog devices by Georg Danczul
produced at the composers studio, Allentsgschwendt, Austria

STYX indicates a point of view, a limit of thinking and feeling, from which the most iridescent sound patterns, ridiculing any theory of music, can be conceived in their essential features, and thus become accessible for a musical composition.
Derived from five basic sources (fragments of outdoor recordings) generations of sounds and sonorous processes are produced in rising and falling order by a constant change of electronic transformation and construction.

"Die Unerbittlichkeit der Klänge trieb manchen Besucher in die Flucht; wer blieb, war vielleicht ratlos, jedenfalls aber gebannt von der Kraft des Dargebotenen."
Die Presse, Vienna 1986

"...ein Bündel an akustischen Horrorvisionen, Barbarismen, Explosionen, Kurzschlüsse, Bombardierungen ..."
Baldur Bockhoff, Süddeutsche, Munich 1987


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