Günther Rabl
Werke 3
1979 - 82

ccr 403



1Atem 17:45
2Trio I 8:19
3Etude in Grau 29:43
total 56:00


[1] Atem (breath)   Listen to an example!MP3  0,6MB
composed 1982
digitally remastered from original tapes 2004
original sources: analog tapes for 15 tracks 1/4" mono 15ips dbx basic
material: sounds of the human body
field recordings methods: analog transformation (distortion, frequency shift, speed), serial composition
tools: analog devices designed by Georg Danczul
produced at the composers studio in Irnfritz, Austria

[2] Trio I
original source: anlog tape 3 of 4ch 1/4" 15ips
basic material: burdened strings of double bass and cello
methods: tape montage, serial composition
tools: tape recorders (cut&splice) produced at the composers studio in Neupoella, Austria

[3] Etude in Grau (etude in grey)   Listen to an example!MP3  2,1MB
composed 1979/80
digitally produced 2003
original source: hd 10 tracks
basic material & methods: filtered white noise, serial composition
tools: VASP, AMP
produced at the composers studio in Neustift, Austria

Günther Rabl, Lesbos 1983foto: © Renate Porstendorfer


supported by: SKE-Fond, Land OÖ
reference monitors for CD mastering: Klipsch HERESY E

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Günther Rabl Werke 3
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